Is there anything you haven’t had a chance to tell us yet that you would like our neighbors to know?

City Commission
Seat 2

Curtis Richardson

Neighborhoods on the southside, for example, Wilson Green, College Terrace, or Jake Gaither need more assistance in developing their neighborhood associations into strong organizations that can advocate for their issues.

Bill Schack

There are a lot of City issues especially pertinent to the northeast side of town. The City Commission is addressing many of those issues without sufficient public input, resulting in tax money being spent inappropriately. There should be a City Commissioner from the northeast to make sure the interests of residents are an integral part of the decision-making.

County Commission
Group 1 – At Large

Carolyn Cummings

I would like people to know that I am not a Johnny-come-lately. I have lived here since 1982. My son was raised here, and he attended the Rickards IB program. I love this area and feel invested in it. I have an analytical mind. I am a problem solver and a bridge builder. I would like to take all the experience I have had working for individuals and apply it to advocating for all the citizens of Leon County. I would appreciate your support

Kelly Otte

I have questions for ATN. What are the areas of most concern to you? When ATN works with local government, do you feel you are viewed as partners? How do you think I can help you? This will be my full-time job. I am a super curious person. My ego is not affected if I don’t know something. I see it as an opportunity to learn. I make a decision after I have established the tenets of the issue. People know me from my non-profit work, but my background is in criminal justice. In school I did ride-alongs with officers and I saw blatant racism. Racism exists everywhere – not just in policing. The result of this racism in the criminal justice system is stupid laws and over-policing. Fifty-two percent of PACE girls have a male relative who has been in jail. I have known Walt McNeil for 25 years. He understands that the roots of crime are inequality and violence at home. If I am elected, I look forward to working with Walt on the issues of criminal justice and poverty.

District 4

Bryan Desloge

Tallahassee has been very good to my family. This was not meant to be a political career, but a way to serve. I was the president of the State Association of Counties and president of the National Association of Counties, no one has done this in 25 years. This gives me a unique perspective. I have been to Japan to see how they lay out counties, been to all 50 states, testified before state government, been to the Oval Office 15 – 20 times. I have seen a lot of best practices and worst practices and want to continue to apply my knowledge in Leon County. I am very proud of Tallahassee and want to have another shot at it.

Brian Welch

I am NE centric. My opponent, Mr. Desloge, has been in office for 14 years but is asking for four more years. This leads to stagnation. Mr. Desloge has never had an opponent in 14 years. We need change and new energy to keep things moving. I was asked to run for the District 4 seat and initially declined, but after reviewing Mr. Desloge’s shortfalls, I decided to run with the heart of a servant, listening to constituents and staff, colleagues and voices in the community to find reasonable, common ground on issues. I will always put the citizens ahead of special interests. The current climate of special interest coddling is not good for society.