On January 13, 2021, the mayor and city commissioners held their 2021 planning session, known as the strategic retreat.  The intent was to evaluate the city’s performance in 2020 on the goals of the 5-year strategic plan and to make necessary additions/revisions for that plan for 2021. 

ATN’s comments focused primarily on one of the main areas of the plan, the Southside Action Plan, formerly known as the Southern Strategy.  Providence comments address implementation of the Providence Neighborhood Plan and ramifications for the Southside Action Plan.

  1. ATN City Commission Retreat Letter
  2. ATN Comment for Southside Action Plan Discussion: Wendy Grey
  3. Issues/Recommendations for the City Commission: Opinion:  Debbie Lightsey
  4. Rahni Wright Comment RE: Providence Neigbhorhood Plan
  5. Providence Neighborhood Association Retreat Comment