Status report as of March 18, 2021

During the discussion of the adoption of the Welaunee Master Plan, ATN raised the issue of approving a large development in the northeast when intown areas, particularly in the Southern Strategy Area, did not have the infrastructure, housing, or economic development opportunities called for in the Southern Strategy policies in the Comprehensive Plan, which were adopted decades ago.   (Excerpts from ATN’s comments are included as Attachment #1)

After the adoption of the Welaunee Master Plan, the City Commission announced its intention to focus on the southside and discussed the issue at their January 2021 retreat.  ATN’s comments at the retreat addressed the need to use existing data to inform future policy direction and to ensure that policy makers (as opposed to staff) are making key decisions.  (ATN comments are included as Attachment #2)

On March 23, 2021 the City and County Commission will discuss the public involvement process for updating the Comprehensive Plan policies regarding the southside.  ATN intends to continue to raise the issues raised previously at that meeting and as the process moves forward.

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