This letter represents the personal opinions of two ATN members. It has not been formally approved as an ATN position statement. It will be on the agenda for approval at the April ATN meeting.


Re: March 23 City Commission/Board of County Commissioners Workshop on a Request for Proposals for Consultant Services to Rewrite of Comprehensive Plan Land Use and Mobility

Thank you for your discussion on this item, which clarified a number of questions regarding the proposed RFP.  We support moving ahead with the RFP and think that a clear understanding of the Commissions’ position on key issues will be critical to staff, the public, and the consultant as the Comprehensive Plan rewrite moves forward.  In that vein, this is our understanding of the direction the commissions took at the workshop, and that will be ratified at the April 13 public hearing.  If we have misunderstood anything, please let us know.

  • Public Comment on the RFP:  In order to ensure that the public has a full opportunity to comment, both commissions delayed taking a final vote on issuing an RFP until the next joint meeting – a public hearing on April 13.
  • Protection of Intown Neighborhoods: The City Commission expressed its support for the protection of the character of intown neighborhoods.  In response to questions from the Commissions, staff stated that the draft future land use map contained in the agenda material was not intended to propose an increase in the density allowed in intown neighborhoods.  
  • Potential Land Use Changes:  In response to questions from the Commissions, staff confirmed that the draft rewrite of the Land Use and Mobility elements is for informational purposes only and is not intended to direct the approach the consultant may recommend.  It will not be included in the RFP package.
  • Environmental Protection:  In response to questions from the Commissions, staff confirmed that, consistent with the current Comp Plan policy, any proposed changes to the Land Use and Mobility elements must be consistent with the Conservation element.
  • Public Involvement:  The Commissions, after extensive discussion about ensuring meaningful public involvement, directed staff to include a public involvement plan in the April 13 agenda material.
  • Data and Analysis:  In response to questions from the Commissions, staff confirmed that the rewrite will be based on both citizen input and data and analysis.
  • Engaging University Students:  The Commissioners stated that the Comp Plan rewrite is an excellent learning opportunity and that staff should reach out to FSU and FAMU to engage students in the process beyond typical internships.

Thank you again for your thorough response to the questions raised by the public.


Mike Brezin

Wendy Grey

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