We hope you can attend, as they will be an important opportunity to speak out for neighborhood protection and enhancement.

These “STEP Growth Framework” meetings will use mapping exercises to determine where and how growth should occur, based on four growth strategies:

▪  Strengthen:  Places to strengthen include mostly built-out areas which may need additional investment or support to meet livability and quality of life goals.

▪  Transform:  Places to transform include areas that are developing or will develop in a way that will produce major changes to the overall character of the area.

▪  Enhance:  Places to enhance include stable existing neighborhoods and areas likely to maintain their existing development pattern.

▪  Preserve:  Places to preserve include environmentally sensitive lands, agricultural areas, and protected greenspace.

The contractor, Halff Associates, will host the in-person meetings to talk about future growth opportunities in Tallahassee and Leon County.  Each meeting will use the same presentation and opportunities for your input:

Prep for STEP

Think about the four growth strategies as they apply to your neighborhood.  Consider what areas in and around the neighborhood you would like to see strengthened, transformed, enhanced, or preserved.  Be ready to communicate those at the meeting you attend.  If you have time to work on a bigger picture, do the same analysis for in-town Tallahassee.  This is an important way to advocate for neighborhood protection and enhancement!

You may also want to review the vision survey responses summary on the Powerpoint presented here.  Scroll down to page 11 to begin the summary.  The vision statements are to guide the comp plan revision, so they will be incorporated into the STEP framework. 

The contractor is still seeking community input on the vision statements.  We strongly encourage you to give your two cents worth after you read the statements, using this survey.

Thank You! 

We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming STEP framework meetings.  Your efforts now will pay dividends down the road when we have an updated comp plan that better protects Tallahassee’s neighborhoods, history, environment, and sense of place in the future.

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