We’re pleased to announce Providence as ATN’s newest member to our family of neighborhoods! Welcome Providence!!

We are conduits of influence for our neighborhoods. We keep neighbors informed about the planning and growth management issues that affect our livability. Our neighbors care deeply about where they live – and they VOTE their interests. Here are some documenting statistics from the 2018 Primary and General Election:

NeighborhoodApproximate HomesPrimary Turnout (%)General Turnout (%)
Betton Hills8004577
Brookwood Drive454381
Indianhead / Lehigh9004475
Lafayette Park6003670
Levy Park4002355
Los Robles754280
Myers Park / Woodland Drives9503365
Old Town4005478
Rose Hollow605780
*Some neighborhoods are combined due to precinct coverage. Also, some neighborhoods are in precincts with neighborhoods not in ATN.